Madeleane Deaton has always enjoyed creating hand-crafted products of a wide variety. The concept for The Knotty Fox was born a couple of years ago when she started creating bandanas for her dog, Paisley. From that, the idea grew and cultivated, and here we are now. 

The design behind TKF is to create not only fashion pieces, but pieces that are stylish, modern, and often very practical. She is style conscious, but no fashion guru. She likes comfortable and sensible. The words classic and timeless come to mind when describing her style. Even though many TKF products are reminiscent of "trends" coming back in style, Madeleane hopes to bring them back in a way that will stay around.

From TKF you will see accessories, home products, and even products for the makers and shakers out there to do their businesses more efficiently and stylishly. There is a lot to come in the future for TKF, and we hope you stick around to see it!